About Us

Metform Technology Co., Ltd

Metform Technology is a professional roll forming machine manufacturer in China and foundry since 2006. Roll forming is a high-volume process of producing profiles by stable cross-section with high dimensional precision. The process parameters play a major role in the quality of the final roll formed product. The optimal configuration of roll forming process parameters, such as the operational line speed, the inter-distance between roll stations, the roll gap, and the diameter of the rolls, can influence the tolling and product designs as well as the product quality and life. Metform Technology has been providing types of high standard products and service to our customers around the world. We know how the roll forming machine works and according to the customer`s profile drawing or request. Besides the traditional machine for steel structure, the light gauge forming machine systems are more and more welcomed by market. Hereby we`d like to introduce some machines to you as below:

C/Z interchangeable purlin machine, U purlin roll forming machine, W purlin roll forming machine and sigma profile roll forming machine. The changing sizes system and machine structures are all improved by us these years to auto-change and heavy duty forming line.

The steel framing machines are designed and the products are for panels,trusses and floor joists for light steel buildings, like
•        Residential and Commercial buildings
•        Steel framed systems for modular & prefabricated buildings
•        Walls framed for low and high rise buildings
•        Walling, floors, beams, roofing, kitchen & bathroom pods
•        Storage, recreational, transportable dwellings

Glazed tile roll forming machine, decking floor roll forming machine, flashing and gutter roll forming machine and double layer roll forming machine for corrugated and IBR wall panels.

Garage door roll forming machine and shutter slat making machine

Continuous PU sandwich panel product line, EPS sandwich panel line

Fireroof window and door profile roll forming machine, anti-thief door frame roll forming machine and so on.

All of our machines are controlled automatically. We own control software development, machine improvement and machine control system customization service.

Backed by rich experience and resources, we have earned trusts from a great many clients both at home and abroad, owning a sound reputation amongst this field. We not only offer the machine but also the solutions and service.