We pay tribute to science and technology with the original heart, and keeps exploring in the extreme. After ten years of precipitation, it took three years of dedicated research and development, and after many iterations, it finally completed the self-leap, and the latest generation of equipment light gauge steel frame machine LG2021T was born.

The new generation of 2021T, with the advantages of intelligent production, is shown out with bright new painting, with T as the main graphic representative, symbolizing the new type of advancement, and the lines of azure and gray, as if the close connection of steel structure, carrying the blue dream sailing into the future.

In terms of technology, LG2021T has made an addition, combined with the intelligent cloud control system of Dahezhongbang, ensuring intelligent operation production, creating a standard digital industry chain, saving labor costs and further increasing the efficiency of the equipment system by 10%-20%. At the same time, the 2021T ad hoc new pre-punching anti-squeezing technology is even better than the post-punching technology to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.

On these basis, the new equipment adds back-to-back truss function and upgrades the new connection method of building roof truss, which reduces the material use to a certain extent and makes the installation more convenient and simple. With 7.5KW servo motor, it leads the businessman into a new era of digital production with surging power.